' alt='6mm .243 Diameter 85 Grain Triple Shock Boat Tail 50 Count' />

6mm .243 Diameter 85 Grain Triple Shock Boat Tail 50 Count


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  • 6mm .243 Diameter 85 Grain Triple Shock Boat Tail 50 Count

6mm .243 Diameter 85 Grain Triple Shock Boat Tail 50 Count

Barnes Bullets® continues expanding its popular line of Triple-Shock X-Bullets. An improved version of the original all-copper X-Bullet, the Triple-Shock X-Bullet (TSX) features a series of grooves cut into its shank. The grooves significantly reduce pressures, allowing safe higher velocities. Triple-Shock bullets virtually eliminate copper fouling, while delivering outstanding accuracy and performance.

Containing no lead, the Triple-Shock X-Bullet features 100-percent copper construction. On impact, the specially engineered nose cavity expands into four razor-sharp copper petals that slice through game, producing massive hydraulic shock.

- Ballistic Coefficent .333
- Sectional Density .206

This item is regulated by the US STATE DEPARTMENT and may require an EXPORT LICENSE for international orders. US State Department Warning
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