' alt='Wipe-Out Brushless Foaming Bore Cleaner 5 Oz Aerosol ' />

Wipe-Out Brushless Foaming Bore Cleaner 5 Oz Aerosol 


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  • Wipe-Out Brushless Foaming Bore Cleaner 5 Oz Aerosol

Wipe-Out Brushless Foaming Bore Cleaner 5 Oz Aerosol

Wipe-Out ™ is simple to apply. Put the gun in a cradle or rest horizontally. Apply the product to the muzzle with your finger loosely in the chamber. Shake the can very well before applying. Push the muzzle adapter tight against the muzzle. Count one -thousand one, one- thousand two, and that should be it. You will feel the product on your finger. When the barrel is full a small amount will be present in the chamber.......it needs cleaning too. The next part is the best. Walk away! No brushing! In 30 to 60 minutes you return and push a good cotton patch through the barrel. Make sure you have a caliber specific jag. This assures a tight fit, and guarantees cleaning to the very bottom of the grooves.

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