Blem Bullets Sale

Midsouth Shooters - Blem Bullets!
IMPORTANT!!! Limited Quantities - Once these are gone, they are gone!
OEM Blem Bullets Are Back! These are overruns, cosmetically blemished and incorrectly packaged bullets from a major bullet manufacturer. As part of our agreement to sell these, we can not disclose the bullet manufacturer.

22 Caliber Bullets:

22_Caliber_.224_Diameter_50_Grain_Black_Poly_Tip_500_Count_(Overrun)Price: $59.99

30 Caliber Bullets:

30_Caliber_.308_Diameter_165_Grain_Bonded_With_Cannelure_100_Count_(Blemished)Price: $33.16

Other Rifle Bullets:

4.6_Caliber_.183_Diameter_40_Grain_Full_Metal_Jacket_500_Count_(Blemished)Price: $33.87
8mm_.323_Diameter_180_Grain_Lead_Free_500ct_(Blemished)Price: $233.90

Pistol Bullets:

Sorry, there are no more items available in this category.


450_Dakota_Unprimed_Brass_50_Count_(Overrun)Price: $35.40
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