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Midsouth Shooters Black Friday Extravaganza Giveaway!

Midsouth Shooters Black Friday Extravaganza: Sponsored by Hornady®, BOG™, Tipton®, Caldwell®, Lockdown®, and Frankford Arsenal™!

Midsouth Shooters has teamed up with Hornady®, BOG™, Tipton®, Caldwell®, Lockdown®, and Frankford Arsenal™ to give away AMAZING Prizes to Celebrate Black Friday to 20 Lucky Winners! Be Sure To Enter Everyday for Your Chance to Win!

Midsouth Shooters Black Friday Extravaganza!

Prizes to be won include: Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant, Lock-N-Load AP Auto Progressive Press, Hornady Cam-Lock Case Trimmer, Hornady Case Prep Duo, Hornady Rapid Safe 4800KP RFID, Frankford Arsenal F-1 Single Stage Reloading Press w/Frankford Arsenal Vibra Prime Primer Tube Loader, Tipton Best Gun Vise 2 w/Lockdown 18" Goldenrod Dehumidifier, BOG-Pod Death Grip Clamping Aluminum Tripod (x2), BOG-Pod Twist Lock Havoc Bipod Shooting Stick, Caldwell The Rock Jr Shooting Rest, Caldwell Tack Driver Shooting Bag w/Caldwell Mag Charger Universal Pistol Loader, Caldwell DeadShot Boxed Combo, Frankford Arsenal Rotary Tumbler Lite w/Brass Dryer Combo, and FIVE Midsouth Prize Packs!