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Midsouth Shooters Supply Announces - More Reloading Clinics! If you missed the last round of classes in May, you'll want to try to fit the time to check out one of these clinics. We are not only offering the Basic Reloading Course, but now an Advanced Reloading Clinic as well. Decide which one you would like to participate in and sign up soon. Classes will be held here at Midsouth Shooters, in Clarksville TN. We hope to see you in one of these!

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How the TC Dimension Works
The Cartridge, The Gun and Other Factors that Affect Accuracy

This 2 hour instructed clinic will walk you through advanced elements that affect accuracy and how to obtain accuracy by considering these factors while producing your own loaded cartridges.

It covers, but is not limited to:

The Cartridge
- Components & their effects
- Cartridge dimensions
- Effects of crimping
- Tips & Tricks

The Gun
- Chamber & Bore
- Freebore
- Twist Rate
- Bedding

Other Factors
- Reading Pressure Signs
- Case Life / Fatigue
- Harmonic Vibrations
- Special Tooling

Choose one of the classes below:
Wed Sept 30th 10:00am - Advanced Reloading for Accuracy
Thu Oct 1st 10:00am - Advanced Reloading for Accuracy
Thu Oct 1st 4:00pm - Advanced Reloading for Accuracy

Basic Reloading Course - Introduction to Reloading

This 2 hour instructed class will walk you through the basic steps you need to follow, to successfully produce your own loaded cartridges.

It covers, but is not limited to:
- The 6 steps required to properly reconstruct your cartridge
- Some basic terminology required
- Tips & tricks that will help you in the process
- Safety tips that will keep you in the green zone
- Instructions on the use of the reloading manual
- Proper cleaning of cartridge cases
- Special preparation of mil spec cases
- Proper setup & adjustment of the die sets
- Proper measuring of the case dimensions
- Bullet seating do's & dont's
- Managing case life
- Record keeping & much more

It's real time instruction with audio visuals & handouts.

Wed Sept 30th 4:00pm - Basic Reloading Course

Instructor: Bill Hassig Bill has over 30 years of reloading experience. He has competed in Benchrest, Military Match and Civilian Marksmanship Programs. Bill has 7 years of law enforcement duty. Bill currently resides in Concord, North Carolina. He enjoys hunting and shooting sports. His passion is reloading for accuracy and sharing this knowledge with others.