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9.3x62 Oryx 232 Grain American PH 20 Rounds

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  • 9.3x62 Oryx 232 Grain American PH 20 Rounds
  • 9.3x62 Oryx 232 Grain American PH 20 Rounds
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9.3x62 Oryx 232 Grain American PH 20 Rounds
by Norma Precision Ammunition

Norma has built an outstanding reputation as premium ammunition for hunters in America, Europe and Africa. Today, Norma USA is pleased to offer American PH, ammunition designed specifically for the North American big game hunter. This ammunition is loaded with premium Oryx hunting bullets for maximum wound channel in large game animals. The bonded lead core provides structural integrity, reliable expansion and deep penetration with over 70% weight retention.

  • Ballistic Coefficient .267

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