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Endeavor 209 x 50 Encore Black Stainless Steel Barrel Black Stock

Thompson Center # 28205722 |  Item # 031-28205722
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Endeavor 209 x 50 Encore Black Stainless Barrel

Thompson/Center has improved its already impressive Encore Pro Hunter™ with the addition of the new Encore Endeavor™. equipped with the revolutionary features of the Pro Hunter™, the Endeavor™ goes even further with its beautiful detail and added innovation. The Endeavor™ includes Speed Breech XT™, the breech plug that removes by hand…just a 90 degree turn and out. No tools required! New Energy Burners™ are included in each FlexTech® stock... these strategically placed spring coils are designed for greater movement and energy absorption, reducing stock shock and vibration up to 50% while reducing noise up to 20 decibels.

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