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Gun Digest Shooters Guide to Handguns

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  • Gun Digest Shooters Guide to Handguns
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Gun Digest Shooters Guide to Handguns

Gun Digest Shooters Guide to Handguns
  • Compelling text written by a world-renowned revolver gunsmith and certified Combat Focus Shooting instructor.
  • No-nonsense, sourcebook style features tables, illustrations and up-to-date ballistics data charts.
  • For readers interested in self defense, hunting, plinking, or competition, this book provides the latest trends in handguns, loads and optics.
From renowned revolversmith, writer, and self defense trainer Grant Cunningham, Gun Digest Shooter’s Guide to Handguns gives readers the facts they need to choose your handgun, select ammunition, shoot effectively, and take care of their investment – all in an easy-to-read, no nonsense format. This book is for all beginning shooters and handgun enthusiasts, and advanced shooters will appreciate its no-nonsense, sourcebook style.

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