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88g CO2 Cylinders 2 Pack

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  • 88g CO2 Cylinders 2 Pack
  • umarex-airguns
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88g CO2 Cylinders 2 Pack
By Umarex USA

Product Overview

Midsouth now offers the Umarex 88g CO2 Cylinders in a convenient 2 Pack. Umarex CO2 is very high quality and will allow your paint ball gun, pellet or BB gun and any other device that uses standard CO2 cartridges to function flawlessly. Umarex's strict quality control and inspection ensures top notch performance for all of their 88g CO2 Cylinders. It is recommended that you never store the 88g Umarex CO2 Cylinders above 120°F.

Specifications and Features:
  • Convenient 2 Pack
  • Excellent Quality Control
  • 88 gram
  • Store Below 120°F

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