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Hand Held Outside Neck Turner

Forster # HOT100 |  Item # 070-HOT100
  • Hand Held Outside Neck Turner
  • forster-reloading
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Hand Held Outside Neck Turner

A real carbide cutter makes the difference in this Outside Neck Turner. Pilots in 29 different caliber offerings, including .50 BMG! In terms of improved accuracy, no single reloading function provides a greater return on your time than turning eccentric case necks to a consistent wall thickness. At the point of ignition, your brass must expand to allow bullet release. If the brass is thicker on one side of the case than the other, the thin side releases the bullet first and causes a slight bullet-to-bore misalignment that can seriously impair accuracy. The Forster Hand Outside Neck Turner features precision ground pilots (sold separately), micrometer adjustment knob, and the industry's only Carbide Neck Thickness Cutter, a precision ground carbide with special angles and reliefs designed specifically for neck turning. Pilots sold separately. A larger Caseholder (part #HOT100-102) is required for cases that are .593" TO .812" in diameter at the base of the case.

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