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Ultra Micrometer Seater Die for 22 Hornet

Forster # U00004 |  Item # 070-U00004
  • Ultra Micrometer Seater Die for 22 Hornet
  • forster-reloading
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Ultra Micrometer Seater Die for 22 Hornet

Ultra Micrometer Features:
  • Includes all the popular straight line seating features of our original Bench Rest® Seater Die plus an ultra accurate micrometer for adjusting bullet seating depth.
  • Micrometer allows fine adjustments in either direction, easily adjustable to .0005". Index marks at increments of .001" are clearly marked.
  • After you have seated your bullet close to the desired depth and measured it, simply adjust the micrometer stem down to the desired depth and the cartridge will be exactly the length you need. Fine-tuning of your rounds to bring them out close to the lands of your rifling is simple.
  • Eliminates much of the trial and error that was once associated with seating accurate rounds.
  • Bright, white markings make micrometer easy to read.

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