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Needs Work 3" Blade Stainless Steel With Black Handle

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  • Needs Work 3" Blade Stainless Steel With Black Handle
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Needs Work 3" Blade Stainless Steel With Black Handle

Some people think the name for this knife needs a little work. But Kershaw named this knife the Needs Work because it needs you to put it to work. The Needs Work is simply a bang-up solid work knife. The straight-edged sheepsfoot-style blade offers solid contact with the material being cut and makes nice, crisp slices in just about anything you want to cut.

Since the full width of the spine comes almost to the point, the blade punches well and is good and strong. The Needs Work blade steel is Sandvik 14C28N. This stainless steel was developed in an exclusive partnership between Kershaw and Sandvik Steel. It offers excellent corrosion resistance, hardness, edge retention, and is an all-around top performer. It comes razor sharp out of the box and resharpens well. And because we know that, when you’re working, you don’t always have both hands free, we built SpeedSafe assisted opening into the Needs Work. Just pull back on the blade protrusion and the SpeedSafe assisted opening system takes over, moving the blade out of the handle, ready for use.

A locking liner secures the blade open. Something you’ll definitely notice is the handle design. It’s built to hang onto; the unique texturing provides simply amazing grip. The Needs Work is a somewhat thicker knife, again making it sturdy enough to take on your next job, whether on the worksite or at home in the garage.

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