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6mm .243 Diameter 90 Grain Spitzer AccuBond 50 Count

Nosler # 56357 |  Item # 115-56357
  • 6mm .243 Diameter 90 Grain Spitzer AccuBond 50 Count
  • 6mm .243 Diameter 90 Grain Spitzer AccuBond 50 Count
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6mm .243 Diameter 90 Grain Spitzer Accubond 50 Count

Some bullets fly far. Some bullets expand well. One bullet offers reliable expansion at short and long range while exhibiting a high ballistic coefficient for a more true flight. The gilding metal alloy-jacket offers minimal barrel-fouling over pure copper alternatives which means more reliable accuracy. The Nosler AccuBond offers reliability and accuracy, near or far.

  • Caliber  6mm
  • Grain     90
  • Bullet Type         AccuBond
  • Manufacturer    Nosler
  • Manufacturer Part Number        56357
  • Diameter             0.243
  • Ballistic Coefficient (BC)                0.376
  • Overall Length (OAL) (in.)             1.110
  • Sectional Density (SD.)  0.218
  • Base      Boat Tail

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