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Shooting Six Guns of The Old West

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  • Shooting Six Guns of The Old West
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Shooting Six Guns of The Old West

Until recently if someone judged the Old West by television and movie portrayals, there was only one sort of handgun in use. That, of course, was the Colt Single Action Army which was also commonly called the Peacemaker. In truth it was the premier revolver produced during the heyday of the Frontier Era. Considered in all its styles and calibers more SAAs were made from 1873 to 1900 than any other single type of American revolver. However, it was not the only handgun about, nor was it the first revolver to take the then new metallic cartridges. In fact it was not even the only revolver being manufactured in considerable numbers by Colt during the same time frame. From 1870, when the era of metallic cartridge firing sixguns began until 1900 which is generally considered the end of the Wild West, Colt, Remington, Smith and Wesson, Merwin & Hulbert, and a few other lesser known companies collectively produced hundreds of thousands of metallic cartridge firing sixguns.

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