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.30 Caliber Aluminum Cleaning Jag for Rifles

Montana Extreme # 07485 |  Item # 165-07485
  • .30 Caliber Aluminum Cleaning Jag for Rifles
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.30 Caliber Aluminum Cleaning Jag for Rifles

Montana X-Treme Cleaning Jags utilize our patent-pending barb design that ensures your patch will stay put. The barbs are arranged in opposing directions to securely grab and hold the patch when both pushing and pulling. The tip employs a radius cut from the base of the body to strengthen the tip against bending and breaking, which is a common complaint with jag tips from other manufacturers. This quality jag is constructed of high-grade aluminum which will not react with ammonia-based solvents, providing longer jag life and preventing false indications of copper in the bore. Standard 8 x 32 thread.

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