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.270-.50 Caliber Cleaning Rod 36"

Montana Extreme # 9180 |  Item # 165-9180
  • .270-.50 Caliber Cleaning Rod 36"
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.270-.50 Caliber Cleaning Rod 36"

Montana X-Treme Cleaning Rods are engineered to provide years of service with minimal maintenance. Only the highest quality materials are incorporated in Montana X-Treme rods. Two sets of thrust bearings secured between hardened stainless steel retainers insure an effective force is distributed during push/pull and help keep your jag or brush from unscrewing. These rods are constructed of the highest strength spring steel available and coated with our proprietary, non-embedding coating. The handle is machined aluminum and sized to avoid contact with gun stocks.

36" Length; 8 x 32 thread size

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