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1 Piece R.A.M.P. Mount With 1" Rings Matte Finish

Warne # RAMP1 |  Item # 223-RAMP1
  • 1 Piece R.A.M.P. Mount With 1" Rings Matte Finish
  • 1 Piece R.A.M.P. Mount With 1" Rings Matte Finish
  • warne-scope-mounts
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1 Piece R.A.M.P. Mount with 1" Rings Matte Finish

Now there's a mounting platform designed for the serious shooting enthusiast and professionals worldwide! The WARNE Rapid Acquisition Multi-Sight Platform, or R.A.M.P, is a cantilever style scope mounting platform that allows proper scope installation on the popular AR-15 rifle. By design, the AR platform was intended for fixed iron sights and did not offer an acceptable mounting surface for optics. As the weapon system evolved from the military designate M16A1 to the M16A3 and M4, Picatinny mounting systems became standard equipment. However, the rail system found on the A3 and the M4 weapons still did not allow a variable power optic to be mounted far enough forward with conventional scope mounts. The new WARNE R.A.M.P modular mounting system positions the front ring forward of the upper receiver by 1 -3/4". This allows the optics to be mounted farther forward enabling the shooter to have proper head orientation whether upright or prone without sacrificing or compromising due to improper positioning. The Warne R.A.M.P also offers unique 45° mounting rails on both sides of the optic.

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