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Delta Series Compact AR Cleaning Kit

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  • Delta Series Compact AR Cleaning Kit
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Delta Series Compact AR Cleaning Kit
by Wheeler Engineering

Product Overview

Midsouth offers the Wheeler Delta Series Compact AR Cleaning Kit. This all in one Cleaning Kit is the perfect companion for your AR 15 or AR 10 style firearm. Each item in the Compact Kit serves a specific function to ensure your firearm is clean and ready to shoot. The Kit comes with a variety of maintenance tools and attachments to clean the entire weapon system from chamber and barrel to fire control group. This is the ultimate range box kit, but would be just as at home on the work bench.

The Set comes with the following accessories: AR Chamber Brush, Multi-Function Bolt Scraper Tool, Cleaning Pick, Nylon Cleaning Brush, Collapsible 36" Stainless Steel Cleaning Rod with Rotating T-Handle, (3) Star Chamber Cleaning Pads, Patches for .22 or .30 Cal, Nylon Brushes for .22 or .30 Cal and Jags for .22 or .30 Cal

Specification and Features:

  • Made of Durable Materials
  • Features .22 and .30 Caliber Tools
  • Cleaning Stars and Patches Included
  • Soft Sided Organizing Case

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