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Ruger LC9 Black / Ambidextrous Ultimate Pocket Holster

By: Tagua Holsters |  Item # 503-UPK060
  • Ruger LC9 Black / Ambidextrous Ultimate Pocket Holster
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Intended to be the ideal method to ensure that you have got easy and quick access to your firearm, the is the best gun holster option for just about any shooter. These Holsters created by the qualified product experts at Tagua Gunleather, is built utilizing some of the most tough and resilient materials on the market, to reward you with a handgun holster that will last for many years.

The ultimate pocket holster gives rapid access to your small auto. It disguises itself as a wallet but can be brought into action quickly without removing the gun. It’s made of high quality leather and is ambidextrous. One of Tagua's best concealment holsters for women.

  • Type: Inside the pant
  • Hand: Ambidextrous
  • Color: Black
  • Model Header: Ruger LC9
  • Master Model Header: Ultimate Pocket Holster

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