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Note: Due to the extremely high volume of orders your credit card may not be charged until the order is ready to be processed.

Delayed Shipping -

Due to a higher volume of orders our shipping may be delayed up to 3-5 business days (Orders containing Haz-Mat items like primers and powder may be delayed slightly longer). We will work as hard as we can to get your order out as soon as possible.

Limits on Items -

About Limits -  You as a shooter or reloader have become fully aware of the shortage and demand that Covid, Riots, Elections, Gun Legislation, new gun owners as a result of all of these situations and now the “Entrepreneurial Opportunists” have placed on the shooting industry and supplies.  In an effort to supply as many customers across the board as we possibly can, we are having to go to extra lengths to ensure that all customers are offered the opportunity to get these supplies.  In order to make sure that you are able to get some of our very limited inventory, we are placing limits on all customers to ensure that not only a small portion of customers are continually getting the bulk of it. These limits change according to our current inventory and what we have received to sell.  Some limits may go according to the specific item, some limits may cover a specific category (like ammunition or smokeless powder*) some may cover a time frame for that product or category and some limits may include all of the above.  We know that this is confusing and an inconvenience, but we also know that this is the only way that we can accommodate more of you to keep you loading and shooting.  

*Note – It may be in your best interest to not buy a maximum limit of a particular product now as a knee jerk reaction, because the product that you really want may become available later and your limit may prevent you from now getting it. (For instance: “I bought 30 lbs of ACME Boom Lite, and now Varget is available and I can’t get any”.)

About Circumventing Limits – We are fully aware that customers are creating multiple accounts under variations of their own name, wife’s name, neighbor, cousin, mom, great aunt, co-worker, drinking buddy, yoga instructor, cat groomer, Pokemon card collecting club friend, cashier at the quickie mart, every member of their bible study group, kids, pets…etc. We ask that you please don’t do this. If we suspect that an account was created to circumvent these limits, we are deleting the orders. Period. As a company, we do not have the time and resources to devote to the high volume of accounts that have received products by developing ways around the basic, unsophisticated limits that we originally put in place. We are asking you, our customer to help us help other shooters as well.  


Phone Staff -

We apologize for any delay on our phones - We are experiencing an extremely high volume of phone calls. We will try get to your phone calls as soon as possible.

Editing Orders / Combining Orders -

Due to the extremely high volume of phone calls we cannot combine orders at this time.


Local Customer Pick-Up Service -

As of 1 Oct, 2020: Our local Pick-Up Process is as close to back to normal as possible. Please continue to check in the event that the local restrictions may change.


Pricing and Backorders -

Due to the combination of factories being back logged on shipping orders, some factories being closed, and manufacturers prices are fluctuating, high demand items are not being offered to backorder. In those high demand categories, specific items pricing and availability are fluctuating daily and we will have to adjust our pricing accordingly. Because we can not predict what the price and availibilty from the manufacturer will be in the upcoming weeks, we cannot allow backorders on those items. If an item is available for backorder and the high demand at the manufacturers, we are unable to give an estimated date of when we will receive them. Thank you for your patience on waiting for those items to come in.