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Quality is Our Past, Present, and Future:

It's nothing to see a new shooting supply retailer pop up on the internet every other day. Well, we've been at this for a long time, and we are proud to celebrate 50 years of serving shooters. From our humble beginnings to our current warehouse, we've always held true to our core values of service and dedication. We believe in fair prices for items that our shooters, hunters, and reloaders need, while providing honest shipping based on weight and distance, hand-packed in our warehouse to ensure the items reaches our customer in the best shape possible.

From Humble Beginnings, Midsouth's Shed

Truly an American Story

Midsouth started out in a small shed in New Market, Tennessee. The owner at that time was a man named Walter Hawk. Back then, in 1969, Midsouth was like a lot of other retailers in this industry. Every item Midsouth carried was in a catalog. Folks would call up, with their part numbers ready to go, and give their order to Mr. Hawk. As the business grew, the shed had to be added on to. Several new buildings were added to accommodate the increase in inventory and demand. It got to a point where the business had outgrown New Market, and was destined for greater things. In those first years, Midsouth developed its core system of doing things by hand, to the best of our abilities, and at a price customers can appreciate.

Midsouth Moves from New Market to Clarksville TN

Midsouth Makes a Move

Midsouth was growing, and under the present ownership of David "Dirt" King. With the new owner at the helm, Midsouth packed up and moved to a facility better suited for a shipping, and shooting environment. 250 miles later, we settled into our new home in Clarksville, TN. The space was a warehouse attached to a local sporting goods store called Grandpa's. From there, we moved to a bigger facility down the road, formerly the Moore's Lumber Building. Another set of growing pains, and we finally settled into our current facility near Exit 11, on Interstate 24, in Clarksville. This new building gave us the space we needed to grow, and the opportunity to expand. It's never easy when it comes to moving a business, but with our strong leadership, and a fantastic group of dedicated employees, each transition was as quick as possible, never letting our undertaking get in the way of customer satisfaction.

Picture of Midsouth Shooters Supply from Inside with Operator, Packer, Front Room

Same Foundation, New Location:

Today, Midsouth now has an evergrowing family of employees, we have an advanced website that's always evolving into a better tool for our customers to order from, but we've done our best to hold true to those values that we started out with in 1969; to be the best supplier of reloading supplies and more to our customers. Now, we carry so much more than reloading supplies. We have a full line of AR-15 and AR-10 components and parts, ammo from tons of vendors, shooting supplies, and more. Even with all the new items we have in stock, we still fight to be the go-to store for your reloading supplies. We're always on the lookout for those innovative reloading tools you need on your bench, plus plenty of reloading components to keep you pulling that press lever. Our shipping is fast and honest, with the lowest haz-mat fees around. We even offer a pick-up, or will call desk. You can order online, or call in, and we will have it ready at the front desk in a hurry. It allows our local folks to take advantage of our product lines without having to pay shipping, and it's a great way to avoid haz-mat. Next time you're in the area, stop by for some powder or primers!

David 'Dirt' and Connie King Then and Now

A Letter from Dirt and Connie King:

"What an honor and privilege it is to own and operate Midsouth Shooters Supply!

As a couple, we've always been about hunting, fishing, shooting sports, and most outdoor endeavors. We are so grateful to make a living in a business where we share that passion with our customers and our friends in the shooting industry.

Not only do we enjoy our customers, we also have many lifelong friends and great relationships with the manufacturers, and their sales representatives.

With the hard work and dedication of our staff (some of whom have been with us from the beginning,) we've been able to meet and overcome many challenges along the way. We really do know that Midsouth has prospered, grown, and kept up with the fast moving technology out there, because of them.

None of us knows what the future will hold, but if the Good Lord is willing, we plan to keep on doing what we love, and that's having many more years of guiding Midsouth Shooters Supply as we provide our customers with good products at great prices.

On behalf of Walter and Martha Hawk and our family as well - Thank You for 50 Years of letting us serve you!" - Dirt and Connie King, July 2019

Take a Tour of Midsouth!

Our friends, the Quinns from GunBlast, stopped by for a visit recently. We gave them a tour of our facility and let them in on our day to day. It was great to have them come by so we could share what we do, and what we believe in when it comes to our customers. There's a personal touch we add to every product you order, from the order taker, to the packer. Check out the video and Thank You for shopping with Midsouth Shooters Supply