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Case Prep Centers

Case Prep Centers offer the reloader a one stop system of deburring, chamfering, reaming, cleaning and sometimes trimming, depending on the model. These case prep stations are typically threaded to allow other tools to be attached. A variety of other tasks like chamfering and pocket uniforming can be done. The ability to perform several tasks at several close stations speeds up the reloading case prep process and makes preparation faster and easier.

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Lock-N-Load Case Prep Center 110 Volt
$461.37In Stock
Universal Trim Length Gauge
$11.92In Stock
Lock-N-Load Case Prep TrioSale!
$103.42 $92.99In Stock
Lock-N-Load Case Prep DuoSale!
$47.99 $39.99In Stock
Lyman Case Prep Xpress (115 Volt ) Case Prep CenterSale!
$145.99 $109.99Backorder OK
Universal Case Prep Center
$430.76In Stock
Trim Mate Case Prep Center 110 Volt
$133.02Backorder OK
Primer Pocket Uniformer Large Rifle
$25.25Backorder OK
Primer Pocket Uniformer Small
$25.25In Stock
Primer Pocket Uniformer Large Pistol
$25.25In Stock
Trim Mate Carbide Chamfer Tool
$46.76Backorder OK
Trim Mate Carbide Deburring Tool
$46.76Backorder OK
Primer Pocket Uniformer 50 BMG
$49.38In Stock
TM Military Crimp Remover 50 BMG
$27.09In Stock
Primer Pocket Brush (Large)
$6.97Backorder OK
Primer Pocket Brush (Small)
$6.97Backorder OK
Platinum Series Case Prep Center
$115.06In Stock
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