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X-10 Progressive Press with Case Feeder

by Frankford Arsenal

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The Frankford Arsenal X-10 Progressive Press was designed by reloaders for reloaders. The X-10 is a 10-station automatic indexing reloading press that was purpose built from the ground up to be the ultimate progressive reloading press. The FA X-10 has virtually eliminated powder spillage and bullet tipping by combining features like its rigid steel construction, multiple ball bearings, and a proprietary 10 station, gear driven, rotating shell plate. The X-10 offers innovative improvements like dual de-capping stations to prevent primer drawback, in-line primer pocket swaging capability (for both small and large primers), and the ability to run powder check and case trimming dies.

The X-10 is the ultimate solution for progressive reloading. Reload anything from 9mm to .308 Winchester length cases with the X-10. When it's time to swap cartridges, its innovative design allows the user the ability to quickly and easily swap out tool heads and shell plates. The Frankford Arsenal X-10 includes a case actuated powder measure with a positive reset. This guarantees you'll never have to worry about squib loads resulting from a sticking powder measure. This 10 station progressive press has many refined details like a roller handle, integrated LED light, and spring-loaded case locator buttons, which allow easy one-handed case feeding and lever operation. It is exceptionally smooth and easy to operate.

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The X-10 Progressive Press with Case Feeder Features:

  • -Case feeder included

  • -Case activated powder measure

  • -Integrated bearings for smooth operation

  • -In line primer pocket swaging

  • -Spring loaded case locator buttons

  • -Load cartridges up to .308 in length

  • -Comfortable Roller Handle

  • -Low Primer Alarm

  • -10 Station Tool Head

  • -Integrated LED Light

  • -Dual Decapping Station

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Shellplates Sold Separately

Buy a Spare Tool Head & Powder Measure

Frankford Arsenal X10 Progressive Press Spare Tool Head

Looking to change out calibers on the X-10 Progressive Press without losing die setups and settings? The Frankford Arsenal X-10 Tool Head is a great option for anyone wanting to quickly swap to another cartridge.

This replacement tool head features mounted LED lights and nine 3.5mm micro-usb sensor ports for smart press accessories and dies.

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Frankford Arsenal X10 Progressive Press Case Activated Powder Measure

Looking to change out powders on the X-10 Progressive Press without having to empty the powder measure and refill? The Frankford Arsenal X-10 Progressive Press Case Activated Powder Measure Assembly features a durable aluminum construction body, large hopper, powder baffle to prevent bridging, micrometer adjustment, and ultra smooth ball bearing operation. The FA X-10 Powder Measure includes the required linkage for operation with the X-10 Progressive Press. Keep your setting dialed in when changing tool heads with a spare powder measure!

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Stock up on Spare Parts!

Having an extra set of these crucial parts on hand prevents downtime and provides peace of mind should the factory-installed units wear, get damaged, or lost.

Frankford Arsenal X-10 Spare Primer Tube Kits

Spare Primer Tubes

Frankford Arsenal X-10 Replacement Base Locator Button Kit

Base Locator Button Kit

Frankford Arsenal X-10 Spare Swage-Prime Pin Assembly

Swage-Prime Pin Assemblies

Frankford Arsenal X-10 Replacement Index Assembly

Index Assembly

Frankford Arsenal X-10 Replacement Replacement P-Clips & Screw

Replacement P-Clips & Screw

Frankford Arsenal X-10 Powder Measure Relocation Kit

Powder Measure Relocation Kit

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Setting Up Dies

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Setting Up Case Feed

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Adjusting Indexing

Initial Setup

Setting Up Swaging

Setting Up Powder Measure

Loading Rifle Ammunition

Loading Pistol Ammunition

Operation, Maintenance, Trouble Shooting