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Mics, Calipers, and Gauges

Midsouth offers the reloader items that cannot be easily found anywhere else. If you need a curved OAL gauge, we have you covered with a model from Hornady. We have calipers and micrometers from all the major suppliers such as Hornady, Altraco and RCBS. Midsouth carries pistol caliber cartridge gauges and Hornady Lock-n-Load Modified Cartridge Cases in a wide variety of calibers. When you need measuring equipment, make Midsouth Shooters your precision Headquarters.

Item Total: (325) 0 - 30
Lock-N-Load C-1000 Straight OAL Gauge
$32.03In Stock
Lock-N-Load C-1550 Curved OAL Gauge
$37.02In Stock
Neck Wall Thickness Gauge
$49.33In Stock
Micrometer 1
Micrometer 1"
005-050071 | Hornady
$28.88In Stock
Steel Dial Caliper
$31.74In Stock
Lock-N-Load Ammo Concentricity GaugeSale!
$110.94 $99.00In Stock
Digital Caliper
$26.23In Stock
380 Auto (.355) Cartridge Gauge
$17.48In Stock
9mm Luger/9x21 (.355) Cartridge Gauge
$17.48In Stock
38 Special (.357) Cartridge Gauge
$17.48In Stock
357 Magnum (.357) Cartridge Gauge
$17.48In Stock
45 Auto (.451) Cartridge Gauge
$17.48In Stock
223 Remington (.224) Cartridge Gauge
$17.48In Stock
243 Winchester (.243) Cartridge Gauge
$17.48In Stock
6.5 Creedmoor (.264) Cartridge Gauge
$17.48Backorder OK
270 Winchester (.277) Cartridge Gauge
$17.48In Stock
300 AAC/BLK Cartridge Gauge
$17.48In Stock
Item Total: (325) 0 - 30