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Refinishing and Bedding:

Care for your gun better than before with Midsouth Refinishing and Bedding in stock now. We have gun cases, safes, cleaning supplies, tools, manuals and more for sale from great brands like Hornady, Montana X-Treme, Hoppes, Allen and more!

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Perma Blue Gun Blue Kit
$14.53In Stock
Plum Brown Barrel Finish 5 Oz
$8.19Backorder OK
Aluminum Black Touch Up 3 Oz
$8.31In Stock
Brass Black Touch Up 3 Oz
$8.14Backorder OK
Blue and Rust Remover 3 Oz
$4.10In Stock
Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish 8 Oz
$11.07In Stock
Gun Stock Wax 3 Oz
$5.61In Stock
Walnut Stain 3 Oz
$4.97In Stock
Acraglas Kit
Acraglas Kit
048-081003002 | Brownells
$17.69In Stock
Acraglas Gel Kit
Acraglas Gel Kit
048-081014004 | Brownells
$20.42In Stock
Gold Kit
Gold Kit
070-001001 | Forster
$14.68In Stock
Gun Stock Scratch Eraser
$9.00In Stock
Cerama-Coat Black
$28.11In Stock
Cerama-Coat Flat Dark Earth
$28.11In Stock
Cerama-Coat, Olive Drab
$28.11In Stock
Cerama-Coat Foliage Green
$28.11In Stock
Item Total: (26) 0 - 26