Build Your Own AR-15

Build Your Own

Your AR-15 Build Kit, The Ultimate D.I.Y.

Midsouth now has everything you need to build your own AR. There is nothing like the feeling of satisfaction you get from knowing and understanding the intricacies of an AR, by doing your own build. It is a true feeling of accomplishment when you put that first round, successfully, through the rifle you built from start to finish. Even better still, you can save time, and avoid added shipping costs by getting all your build supplies right here, at Midsouth Shooters Supply. No longer will you have to scour the web, looking for that final spring or pin. It's your build, and we are here to help!

The Ultimate Reloader D.I.Y.: Our pal, Gavin, breaks down just how easy it is for you to build your very own AR-15, start to finish. No need for gunsmithing, no need for super-expensive tools. The upper comes completely assembled, so no need for headspacing, as it's been test-fired by Del-Ton. The construction of the lower receiver only takes about 7 minutes for Gavin. Don't miss his next installment where he removes the front sight post, including it's gas block, and installs a new, low-profile gas block, and puts on a free float handguard. It's your AR-15, and you can know it better with Gavins easy-to-follow instructional videos, from start, to finish, conversion, and more! For a closer look at the Ultimate Reloader Demo, Click Here!

Just Kit It Out:
DEL-TON has the kit you need to complete your build quickly, while still using quality parts, all in one convenient package. Check out the full line of DEL-TON complete kits here! It's everything you need to build a great AR-15, minus the lower receiver.

Delton Kits
AR-15 Parts Kits:
DEL-TON Parts Kits Shop Now

The quickest way to get every part you need, for a certain area of the AR-15. We have parts kits for uppers, lowers, triggers, and more! Click above to see the full list of parts kits.

DEL-TON Rifle Kit Video:
DEL-TON Demo Video

Watch, as our own Tiffany tells us about the DEL-TON AR-15 Rifle Kit. It has everything you need, minus the lower receiver. Get a complete build done in no time flat, with this quality rifle kit. Click above to see the video!

Individual AR-15 Parts:
All DEL-TON Parts Shop Now

Looking for a certain part, piece, or spring, but don't need all the other pieces in a kit? Click here and find exactly what you are looking for, even if you don't know the part name. We have you covered!

Geissele Triggers:
Geissele Triggers Shop Now

Step up your AR 15's game with replacement triggers from Geissele. Pronounced "Guys-Lee" these triggers take your MSR to a whole new level. Geissele also makes trigger replacement tools to make the job of changing out your trigger, easier!

Gunsmithing Tools and Supplies:
Get Better Gunsmithing Tools Shop Now

When doing your own build, you have to use the right tools. No problem, Midsouth has what you need. Click above to see our entire stock of Gunsmithing tools and accessories.

Magpul AR Parts and Accessories:
Magpul Industries Shop Now

Magpul, one of the leading names in AR Builds is now at Midsouth! Click above to view our stock of parts, mags, and accessories from Magpul.

Wheeler AR Parts and Tools:
Wheeler Parts and Tools Shop Now

Wheeler offers their new line, the Delta Series, of innovative AR tools and gunsmithing equipment. Click above to see their entire line of gunsmithing tools.

Guntec USA AR-15 Accessories:
AR-15 Accessories from Guntec USA Shop Now

Check Out our entire selection of Guntec USA AR-15 Accessories. Affordable, reliable parts ranging from Free Float Key-mod and M-Lok handguards, to small parts kits and stocks. Click above to Check Out our entire selection of Guntec USA AR-15 Accessories.

Velocity Triggers:
Velocity Triggers Shop Now

Upgrade your next D.I.Y. AR build with a new Velocity Trigger from Midsouth Shooters Supply! Get the most your AR platform rifle with a drop-in trigger from Velocity Triggers!

Tactical Cases:
Find The Case You Need Shop Now

In order for your AR to protect you, you have to protect it! Click above to find the case that offers the kind of protection you need.

AR Books and Guides:
Know Your Rifle, Make a Better Build Shop Now

Every build has to start with the knowledge that you are on the right path. You can gain that knowledge from our stock of guides and AR books. Also now available, the works of Competitive AR author Glen Zediker! Click above to find the book you need.

Trinity Force AR Parts:
Trinity Force AR Parts and Optics Shop Now

When it comes to AR-15 Accessories, rail systems, or optics, Trinity Force is consistently working to discover new ways to advance their products to the next level. Take your MSR to the next level with Midsouth Shooters , and Trinity Force! All Trinity Force products are backed by their Lifetime Warranty!

Lyman Roll-Pin Punch Set:
The Lyman Roll Pin Punch Set Shop Now

Ideal tools for removing hollow, split roll pins. Special round nose design allows proper alignment of punch in roll pin to prevent damage to fine mechanisms such as trigger group parts. Punches come in 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32 sizes

AR Magazines:
AR Magazines Shop Now

You can truly never have too many AR magazines! Midsouth has a full selection of polymer, or steel magazines for your MSR, and at a great price. Check out mags from great brands like MAGPUL, E-Lander, ProMag, and More!

Anderson Manufacturing:
Anderson Manufacturing Shop Now

Anderson Manufacturing:
Anderson Manufacturing has emerged as one of the newest providers of AR 15 and AR 10 parts. Most known for complete uppers and rifles coated with RF-85 no lube coating. We've decided to expand our selection of smaller replacement and repair parts. Anderson is a great source for bolt carrier groups, flash hiders, charging handles and more. See our selection of Anderson AR parts here.