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Note: Due to the extremely high volume of orders and inclimate weather throughout the country, your credit card may not be charged until the order is ready to be processed.

Delayed Shipping -

Due to a higher volume of orders and the recent ice and snow storms across most of the country, our shipping may be delayed up to 7 - 12 business days (Orders containing Haz-Mat items like primers and powder may be delayed 10 - 14 Business Days). We will work as hard as we can to get your order out as soon as possible.

Limits on Items -

In an effort to make sure that we are assisting as many customers as we possibly can, we have limits on highly popular and high demand items such as presses, powder, ammunition...etc. We will cancel orders that are duplicated in an attempt to circumvent these limits.


Phone Staff -

We apologize for any delay on our phones - We are experiencing an extremely high volume of phone calls and our customer service is working remotely due to the storms. We will try get to your phone calls as soon as possible.


Local Customer Pick-Up Service (Partially Closed Again)-

As of 1 Oct, 2020: Our local Pick-Up Process is as close to back to normal as possible. Please continue to check in the event that the local restrictions may change.


Pricing and Backorders -

Due to the combination of factories being back logged on shipping orders, some factories being closed, and manufacturers prices are fluctuating, high demand items are not being offered to backorder. In those high demand categories, specific items pricing and availability are fluctuating daily and we will have to adjust our pricing accordingly. Because we can not predict what the price and availibilty from the manufacturer will be in the upcoming weeks, we cannot allow backorders on those items.


International Orders Temporarily Suspended -

We have currently suspended all international shipments and will not be international processing orders until further notice. Please check back for updates on our international order status.