Since 1969

The NEW .17 Hornady Mach 1! (IMPORTANT!!! THIS IS NOT THE SAME CARTRIDGE AS THE 17HMR--THIS CAN NOT BE FIRED FROM THE 17 HORNADY MAGNUM RIMFIRE (HMR). This is a new, shorter sized cartridge.) High Performance rimfire ammuncition that's only comparable to 22LR in size! The 17HM2 Torches at an amazing 2,100 FPS!!! Compared to the 22LR, which only flies at 1,255 fps, the HM2 and the flat trajectory makes this the most accurate long-range rimfire ever made! We haven't had a chance to fire this yet, but has got to be the most fun you could have with a rimfire! (and just imagine the Varmints!) See the comparison below!