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Midsouth's Match Monster™ Bullets - by Nosler

Experience world class accuracy with Midsouth's Match Monster™ Lineup!

Midsouth Shooters and Nosler have unleashed a new MONSTER! Introducing the new - MATCH MONSTER! This new offering gives shooters the superior performance they demand, at a bulk savings they deserve. We put this selection together with Match shooters in mind. These, like our Varmint Nightmare and Varmint Nightmare Xtreme Bullets, are purchased in huge bulk quantities and then broken down into smaller amounts - so that you get to take advantage of bulk savings. These bullets use extremely precise lead-alloy cores that create an impressive standard for Match Monster™ bullets. The hollow point bullet provides a small meplat to reduce drag and increase aerodynamic efficiency. A pronounced boat tail design provides efficient flight characteristics over a wide range of velocities.

This is a new era of projectiles at Midsouth Shooters - look for more caliber specific bullets, diameters, and grain weights in the near future!

The Match Monsters

Midsouth Match Monster 155 Grain, 30 Cal Bullets
Midsouth Match Monster 168 Grain, 30 Cal Bullets
Midsouth Match Monster 168 Grain with Cannelure, 30 Cal Bullets
  • 30 Caliber
  • (.308" Diameter)
  • Hollow Point
  • Cannelure
  • Boat Tail
  • 168 Grain
  • BC = .462
  • 500 Count
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Midsouth Match Monster 175 Grain, 30 Cal Bullets
Midsouth Match Monster 190 Grain, 30 Cal Bullets
Nosler Reloading Manual #8
  • Nosler Reloading Manual #8 contains new load data for the Match Monster line of bullets: Interchangeable with Custom Competition bullets of the same caliber and grain weight.
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Follow this link for a quick reference sheet on loading your new Match Monster Bullets. Match Monster load data is interchangeable with Nosler Custom Competition Bullets of similar caliber, and grain weight. As always, the best reference tool is the latest Nosler Reloading Manual.