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Shooting Targets at Midsouth Shooters!
Midsouth Shooters is your target headquarters! Whether you are looking for paper, Shoot-N-C, adhesive, metal, pop-up, Duraseal, Zombie, chalk, or exploding targets, you will find them here! Practice makes Perfect!

Paper Targets These are the most commonly used shooting targets for scoring and practice! Check out our selection of paper targets from Birchwood Casey, Caldwell, and more!

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Shoot-N-C Targets - These targets allow you to see exactly where your shot landed! Birchwood Casey offers a great selection of Shoot-N-C Targets to make you a better shot!

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Metal and Pop-Up Targets - Metal Targets are the most durable and long-lasting targets! You will be a better shooter with every "plink" of the target! We offer metal and pop-up targets from MGM Targets, Champion, ATK, and Birchwood Casey!

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Zombie Targets - Practice makes perfect…and you don’t want to miss! Birchwood Casey and ATK zombie targets allow you to take all the shots you want at the undead, but remember head shots are key! Pick up a pack of splattering targets or Visicolor targets and head to the range…before it’s too late.

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Free Printable Target - Show off your shooting skills with a Free Printable Target! Like us on Facebook and post your target for us to see! Good luck, Shooters!