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Knife Sharpeners

No matter the situation, Midsouth has the cutlery you need in stock. Shop our selection of knife sharpeners so that your knives never go dull, especially when you need them the most.

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Diamond Knife Sharpener
$7.91Backorder OK
Model P Round Diamond Sharpener 10
$28.31Backorder OK
Tri-Stone Benchstone
$45.55In Stock
Leather Stropping Hone
$8.75In Stock
Nathan's Natural Honing Oil (4 Oz)
$2.82In Stock
Fine Grit 6
$20.61Backorder OK
Medium Grit 6
$20.61Backorder OK
Coarse Diamond Hone
$14.58In Stock
Fine Diamond Hone
$14.58Backorder OK
Medium Diamond Hone
$14.58In Stock
113-LERAS | Lansky
$3.56In Stock
Plastic Pedestal/Mount
$4.35Backorder OK
Item Total: (42) 0 - 30