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9mm .355 Diameter 115 Grain Hornady Action Pistol (HAP) 500 Count

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  • 9mm .355 Diameter 115 Grain Hornady Action Pistol (HAP) 500 Count
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9mm .355 Diameter 115 Grain HAP 500 Count

Gain the competitive edge with Hornady HAP pistol bullets. Modeled after the legendary XTP bullet design, HAP (Hornady Action Pistol) bullets are further refined into the perfect competition projectile. While XTP bullets use folds and a cannelure to aid in controlled expansion and terminal performance, we have eliminated these from HAP bullets leaving only a sleek and balanced projectile with a protected nose that aids in consistent and reliable feeding in autos. Bullet jackets feature industry-leading concentricity combined with precision swaged cores to deliver the very best in accuracy and performance. Don’t just compete – win with Hornady HAP pistol bullets.
  • Ballistic Coefficient 0.129
  • Sectional Density 0.130

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