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6mm ARC 105 Grain BTHP Match 20 Rounds Black

Hornady # 81604 |  Item # 003-81604
  • 6mm ARC 105 Grain BTHP Match 20 Rounds Black
  • 6mm ARC 105 Grain BTHP Match 20 Rounds Black
  • 6mm ARC 105 Grain BTHP Match 20 Rounds Black
  • 6mm ARC 105 Grain BTHP Match 20 Rounds Black
  • 6mm ARC 105 Grain BTHP Match 20 Rounds Black
  • 6mm ARC 105 Grain BTHP Match 20 Rounds Black
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6MM ARC 105 Grain BTHP Match 20 Rounds Black
by Hornady Bullets and Ammunition

Midsouth now carries the NEW 6MM ARC 105 Grain BTHP Match 20 Rounds Black from Hornady! This new cartridge delivers less felt recoil than larger short-action-based cartridges, yet takes full advantage of modern, heavy for caliber 6mm bullets that provide excellent accuracy and ballistic performance at extended range.

Hornady Black ammunition is optimized to function in a wide variety of weapon types. The ammunition was specifically designed to feed and fit in all platforms. Black ammunition was developed to ensure flawless function in suppressed and unsuppressed weapons as well as bolt, semi-automatic, pistol or carbine lengths. Hornady only used the highest possible quality for their choice in primers, brass and powders.

Specifications and Features:

  • Ballistic Coefficient (G1) .530
  • Sectional Density .254
  • Twist Rate: 1-8"
  • Muzzle Velocity:2750 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 1763 ft/lbs

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Product ID Number
- Part No. 81604

Weight & Dimension
- Length: 5.2500
- Height: 1.1250
- Width: 3.0000
- Weight: 0.8600LB(s)

Bullet Specifications
- G1 Ballistic Coefficient: 0.5300
- G7 Ballistic Coefficient: 0.0000
- Minimum Twist: 1-8"
- Sectional Density: 0.2540

Bullet / Ammo Application
- Target Match

Tested, selected and fielded by a specialized group within the U.S. DoD for its multipurpose combat rifle program, the versatile 6mm ARC does much of what larger cartridges can and everything that smaller cartridges can’t. Designed to meet the needs of the world’s toughest critics, the 6mm ARC utilizes efficient,


bullets to deliver unprecedented performance from the AR-15 platform. Commercial 6mm ARC offerings will feature bullets selected to deliver ideal performance for hunting, match shooting and personal protection applications. The 6mm ARC achieves results never before delivered from the AR-15 platform with the ultimate blend of system weight, performance and shootability. Equally at home in AR-15 platforms and short or micro action bolt guns, this load is suitable for applications from personal defense to match shooting, hunting, and military and law enforcement. Balanced application of cartridge, chamber and propellant design is coupled with bullet selection for optimum all-range performance and barrel life. The 6mm ARC provides excellent terminal performance from an assortment of bullets for a variety of applications. Proudly made in the USA! Direct impingement, gas piston, suppressed, unsuppressed, inertia, bolt, pump, supersonic, subsonic, rifle, mid-length, carbine or pistol – Hornady BLACK ammunition delivers superior performance for a variety of applications. Featuring High-Quality Cases, Primers Propellant Versatile Hornady bullet options Optimized performance from various platforms Gun manufacturers include: Adams Arms, APF Armory, Barrett, Brownells, Brenton, Christensen, CMC Triggers,


Geissele, Howa, Lantac, Mile High Shooting Accessories, Mossberg, NEMO, Noveske, Odin Works, Proof, Radical Firearms, SanTan Tactical, Savage, Seekins Precision, Uintah Precision, Wilson Combat