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10mm 175 Grain Critical Duty 20 Rounds

Hornady # 91256 |  Item # 003-91256
  • 10mm 175 Grain Critical Duty 20 Rounds
  • 10mm 175 Grain Critical Duty 20 Rounds
  • 10mm 175 Grain Critical Duty 20 Rounds
  • 10mm 175 Grain Critical Duty 20 Rounds
  • 10mm 175 Grain Critical Duty 20 Rounds
  • hornady
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10mm 175 Grain Critical Duty 20 Rounds
By Hornady Bullets and Ammunition


Midsouth is proud to offer 175 Critical Duty FlexLock in a convenient 20 round box. Hornady 10mm Critical Duty is designed for shooters that need the ability to penetrate barriers in an urban environment. The FlexLock bullet has been designed and produced by Hornady to offer superios performance against common barrier and it performs very well on the FBI Protocol Test. It is a polymer tipped bullet loaded into only top of the line cases and backed with first rate powder and primers to ensure proper functioning in your firearm, every time.

Specifications & Features:

  • Cartridge: 10mm
  • Grain Weight: 175
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1160 Feet Per Second
  • Muzzle Energy: 523 Foot Pounds
  • Reloadable: Yes
  • Bullet Style: Polymer Tip

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Product ID Number
- Part No. 91256

Weight & Dimension
- Length: 3.0000
- Height: 1.3750
- Width: 2.3750
- Weight: 0.8350LB(s)

Bullet Specifications
- G1 Ballistic Coefficient: 0.1600
- G7 Ballistic Coefficient: 0.0000
- Minimum Twist: N/A
- Sectional Density: 0.1560

Bullet / Ammo Application
- Personal Defense

Designed and loaded to perform in full size handguns. Designed to meet the needs of those who demand superior barrier penetration and prefer a full-size handgun for their personal protection. Critical Duty® is loaded with the tough Hornady® FlexLock® bullet that delivers "barrier blind" performance when shot through common urban barriers. The FlexLock® bullet incorporates two revolutionary Hornady® features to deliver superior barrier penetration and consistent performance in FBI tactical handgun ammunition tests (FBI Protocol). The patented Hornady® Flex Tip® design eliminates clogging and aids bullet expansion. A large mechanical jacket-to-core InterLock® band works to keep the bullet and core from separating for maximum weight retention, excellent expansion, consistent penetration and terminal performance through all FBI test barriers. Bright nickel-plated cases simplify chamber checks in reduced light. Additionally, all Critical Duty® ammunition is loaded with low flash propellant to help preserve night vision in low-light firing. FBI Tested and Selected Barrier Blind Performance.


Incorporates two revolutionary Hornady® features: the no-clog, patented Flex Tip® design and the heavy duty jacket-to-core InterLock® band.


Works to keep the bullet and core from separating for maximum weight retention and proven terminal performance through all FBI test barriers. CORE Made of high-antimony lead making it extremely tough, delivering controlled expansion for unparalleled terminal performance consistency through all FBI test barriers. It's also more economical than similar bonded bullets.


Nickel plating resists corrosion and greatly enhances low-light chamber checks. The cannelured bullet with crimped case ensures no bullet setback during feeding.