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Large Primer Pocket Cleaner

Hornady # 041200 |  Item # 005-041200
  • Large Primer Pocket Cleaner
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Large Primer Pocket Cleaner

Cleans the primer pocket for more consistent primer seating.

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Product ID Number
- Part No. 041200

Weight & Dimension
- Length: 1.0000
- Height: 5.5000
- Width: 2.0000
- Weight: 0.1000LB(s)

Hornady® reloading accessories have been developed by reloaders, for reloaders to complement existing Hornady® products and enhance the reloading process. The Hornady® Primer Pocket Cleaner Tool


Primer) is a complete system for cleaning out Large Pistol or Large Rifle Primer pockets to help ensure consistent primer seating and ignition by clearing any brass irregularities from the primer pocket area, or to clear debris or carbon from the primer pocket of fired brass. NOTE: This product does not cut the crimp from crimped brass Hornady® Primer Pocket Cleaner Tool includes: Qty 1: Hornady® Universal Accessory Handle • Qty 1: Primer Pocket Cleaner Head (Large Rifle/Pistol) Other accessories sold separately. Hornady® recommends spraying all metal parts with Hornady® One Shot® Gun Cleaner & Lube: Hornady Item number 99901 (10 oz aerosol) 9990 (5 oz aerosol). No-risk, Lifetime warranty. See for more information.