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Hornady Precision Measurement System

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  • Hornady Precision Measurement System
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Hornady Precision Measurement System
by Hornady

Midsouth now carries the Hornady Precision Measurement System. Precision reloaders know the most consistent cartridges are built with the most consistent components. The Hornady Multi-Purpose Measurement Tool allows the reloader to sort components according to size and quality by comparing bullet ogive location, cartridge base to ogive location, headspace location and overall case length. Measure bullet runout for true cartridge case concentricity, and identify inconsistencies such as case and bullet dents. Base weighs nearly 8 pounds and has leveling feet for stability. Tool includes five headspace bushings, seven bullet comparators and accessory mount.

Specifications and Features:

  • Provides improved accuracy for handloaders.
  • Can be used to sort factory ammunition.
  • Base weighs nearly 8 pounds.
  • Has leveling feet for stability.
  • Includes five headspace bushings, seven bullet comparators, and accessory mount.
  • Provides improved accuracy for handloaders, and can be used to sort factory ammo too.

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