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Digital Case & Parts Dryer

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  • Digital Case & Parts Dryer
  • Digital Case & Parts Dryer
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Digital Case & Parts Dryer
by Hornady

Midsouth carries the Digital Case & Parts Dryer. The Digital Case & Parts Dryer allows you to dry hundreds of cartridge cases, as well as small and large gun parts, at the same time With an innovative top-mounted digital powerhead, cartridge cases and gun parts dry thoroughly and can be positioned on multiple levels for increased capacity. Four fixed trays hold cases and small parts while a fifth, adjustable tray holds larger gun parts. The unit’s tall lid makes accommodating larger parts even easier.

Specifications and Features:

  • Dry large quantities of cartridge cases and gun parts
  • Four fixed trays for cases and small parts, and a fifth adjustable tray for larger gun parts
  • Digitally adjust drying time from 15 minutes to two hours
  • Choose from seven temperature levels for quick or gentle drying
  • Easy to clean

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