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Universal Reloading Block

Hornady # 480040 |  Item # 005-480040
  • Universal Reloading Block
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Universal Reloading Block

Product Overview

The Hornady Universal Reloading Block is double-sided and holds 50 cases to help streamline powder charging and case inspection. Made to fit 223, 308, and magnum case size heads, as well as most common pistol cartridges. This Reloading Block works perfectly under the Hornady Fast Load Powder Measure Stand.

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Product ID Number
- Part No. 480040

Weight & Dimension
- Length: 1.0000
- Height: 5.8750
- Width: 5.8750
- Weight: 0.3570LB(s)

This double-sided block holds 50 cases and helps streamline powder charging and inspection. Fits 223, 308 and magnum case size heads. Also works with the Hornady® Fast Load Powder Measure Stand.