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22 TCM (.224) Series IV Speciality 3 Die Set

Hornady # 546215 |  Item # 005-546215
  • 22 TCM (.224) Series IV Speciality 3 Die Set
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22 TCM (.224) Series IV Specialty 3 Die Set
by Hornady Bullets and Ammunition

Midsouth offers the Hornady 22 TCM Custom Grade Dies. The 22 TCM Custom Grade pistol dies are produced using the finest quality steel and them machined to the exact dimensions. Custom Grade dies will produce exceptionally accurate ammunition due to the exacting dimensions used by Hornady to produce the dies. The 22 TCM dies have the zip spindle full length resizing/decapping die along with specially profiled seating stem, and elliptical expander and sturdy headed decapping pin. Using the 22 TCM Custom Grade Dies will ensure that you are getting the best possible accuracy for your firearm and load. Hornady Custom Grade Dies will give you the control over neck tension and remove the chance of over sizing the case.

Specifications and Features:

  • Zip Spindle Full Length Sizing Die
  • Standard Expander Die
  • Seating Die
  • Precision Machined
  • Floating Alignment Sleeve
  • Headed Decapping Pin
  • Requires Shell Plate/Holder #16

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Product ID Number
- Part No. 546215

Weight & Dimension
- Length: 7.1250
- Height: 2.0000
- Width: 4.7500
- Weight: 2.0300LB(s)

Hornady® reloading dies represent the finest in machined craftsmanship. Precise machining allows accurate reloading by offering easier adjustments, better alignment and smooth functioning. With one of the finest internal finishes in the industry, Hornady® reloading dies provide a lifetime of reloading. They’re so well-crafted that they’re guaranteed never to break or wear out from normal use. The Hornady® Custom Grade™ 3-Die Set consists of a Full-Length Size Die that sizes cartridge cases to SAAMI minimum specifications. The included hardened steel Headed Decap Pin is mated to a Zip Spindle™, which is a feature on all Custom Grade™ full length size dies. The Zip Spindle™ positively locks to eliminate slippage. A series of light threads cut on both the spindle and spindle lock allows incremental adjustments by turning the spindle or it can easily “zip” up or down for larger movements. The internal die profile is precision machined and polished to a smooth finish for reliable functioning without case sticking or excessive friction. This die features a titanium nitride “gold ring” finish that’s harder than carbide and doesn’t require lubrication. The super hard coating is perfect for resizing soft pistol brass and won’t scratch cases. NOTE: For bottleneck or non-nitride ring dies, stop at “friction”. The second die in this set is a Hornady® Pistol Style Expander die. This die expands the case mouths on straight-walled rifle or pistol cases to achieve proper neck tension on the bullet. In addition it has the ability to put a slight "bell" or flare on the case mouth which prepares the case so powder and bullet insertion are smoother. The third die in this set is a Seating Die that features an alignment sleeve (comes standard – other manufacturers charge extra for this feature) and a seater adjustment screw with lock ring and rubber washer for necessary tension to make fine bullet seating depth adjustments and works to keep the die set together. Key to the Seating Die is the In-line Bullet Seating System that holds the bullet, the case neck and the seating stem in perfect alignment in the floating sleeve


the bullet enters the neck of the case for optimum seating and enhanced accuracy results. Additionally, this die features a built-in crimper that allows roll crimping without the need for an extra crimp die, saving a step in the process or a station on your press. The Hornady® Seater Die has a retainer ring toward the base of the die that removes in seconds for easy disassembly and cleaning of the die. As with all Hornady® Custom Grade™ die sets, these dies come with Hornady® Sure-Loc™ lock rings that clamp around the entire die body applying constant pressure to hold the ring in place. The locking screw tightens the ring without coming into contact with the threads, and the incorporated wrench flats allow easy removal or replacement of dies and eliminates possible damage from pliers. All Hornady® Custom Grade™ Die Sets are delivered in a stackable Die Storage Box that can also accommodate a shell holder,


bushings, powder dies etc.* *Other accessories sold separately.


• Full-Length Size Die* and Sure-Loc™ Lock Ring • Spindle Lock • Decap Pin Retainer • Headed Decap Pins • Zip Spindle™ • Hornady® Pistol Style Expander Die and Sure-Loc™ Lock Ring • In-line Bullet Seating Die and Sure-Loc™ Lock Ring • Standard Bullet Seating Stem • Stackable Die Storage Box 7/8”-14 thread dies that work with all presses that accept standard dies. Does not include a shell holder. Other accessories sold separately. Hornady®


Die Bushings are necessary for use with modern Hornady® reloading presses: Hornady Item number 044094 (2-Pack), 044093 (3-Pack), 044096 (10-Pack). Hornady® recommends spraying all metal parts with Hornady® One Shot® Gun Cleaner & Lube: Hornady Item number 99901 (10 oz aerosol) 9990 (5 oz aerosol). No-risk, Lifetime warranty. See for more information.