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Lock-N-Load Comparator Anvil Base Kit

Hornady # AB1 |  Item # 005-AB1
  • Lock-N-Load Comparator Anvil Base Kit
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Lock-N-Load Comparator Anvil Base Kit
by Hornady Bullets and Ammunition

Product Overview

Midsouth offers the Hornady Lock-N-Load Comparator Anvil Base Kit. The Anvil Base kit is used as a base that you can temporarily attach to your calipers to ensure the best possible measurement when using the Hornady Lock n Load Bullet Comparator. The kit comes complete with the Anvil, two set screws and an Allen wrench for making fine adjustments and tightening.

Specifications and Features:

  • For Use with Hornady Lock n Load Bullet Comparator
  • Attaches to your Calipers
  • Enhances Accuracy

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Product ID Number
- Part No. AB1

Weight & Dimension
- Length: 1.0000
- Height: 5.5000
- Width: 2.0000
- Weight: 0.0700LB(s)

The anvil attaches to the opposite blade of your caliper when utilizing the Hornady®


Headspace Comparator, supplying a large surface area for case heads and bullets to rest, making ogive and headspace measurements easier to obtain.