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Auto Drum Powder Measure

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  • Auto Drum Powder Measure
  • Auto Drum Powder Measure
  • lee-precision
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Auto Drum Powder Measure

Product Overview:

The Lee Auto Drum Powder Measure is a vertically mounted powder dispenser that can load both rifle and handgun cases. This Lee powder measure is very accurate with all powder types and will dispense 1-80 grains in one throw of the lever. The Lee Auto Drum Powder Measure can also be outfitted with the Quick Change Drum Set that will allow you to quickly swap the drums for changing between powders or charge weights. The Quick Change Drum Set comes with two small handgun and two rifle size drums.

The internal parts of the Lee Auto Drum Powder Measure are nylon to ensure even and smooth metering for difficult extruded powders.The Lee Precision Auto Drum Powder Measure has an aluminum body for long lasting durability.

Specifications And Features:

  • On/Off Hopper Valve
  • Leak Free Fit
  • Nylon and aluminum construction
  • Meters all powder types well
  • Quick Change Drum Set capable
  • Includes Powder Measure Adapter

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