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Deluxe APP (Automatic Processing Press) Reloading Press

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  • Deluxe APP (Automatic Processing Press) Reloading Press
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Deluxe APP (Automatic Processing Press) Reloading Press

Product Overview:

Lee started with the basic APP, added the Roller Handle, Universal Case Feed Magazine, and the APP Deprime kit. Then, they fitted the tool with the ability to prime using their patented automatic primer feed system. There is no priming system made that is as fast, effortless, or uniform as the APP primer. Cases and primers are automatically fed. Primers are seated uniformly without "feel" or adjustments required. Safe with any brand or size of primer. You can change your primer sizes in seconds. Simply twist out the priming chamber and swap out the pin and primer guide.

No shell holders required for priming! When you’re finished priming - simply twist out the priming tool and replace with the supplied shell holder adapter. Then you can use all the APP accessories available to size bullets or brass, deprime spent brass, case mouth expand, Bulge Bust or Primer Pocket Swage. The Lee Deluxe Automatic Processing Press gives you the same priming convenience found only on expensive progressive reloading presses.


  • APP Press[+]
  • Roller Handle[+]
  • Priming System
  • Universal Case Feeder[+]
  • APP Depriming Kit
  • Bottle Adapter

Pictured Reloading Stand is not included*

Fill your Universal Case Feeder in seconds with a Case Collator!

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