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Shoulder Guard Rifle Rest

MTM # SGR |  Item # 008-SGR
  • Shoulder Guard Rifle Rest
  • Shoulder Guard Rifle Rest
  • Shoulder Guard Rifle Rest
  • mtm-case-gard
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Shoulder Guard Rifle Rest

With the growing popularity of magnum caliber rifles, recoil suppression can be a major pain. To address this issue, MTM introduces the new Shoulder-Gard Rifle Rest. The Shoulder-Gard is a weight-able (able to hold up to 50 lbs of stabilizing weight), 4-point flex base shooting rest designed to ease the shoulder punishment of sighting-in powerful magnum rifles. Shooters are able to relax into their natural shooting position, with the integrated recoil reduction sling without concerning themselves with recoil. The rest also features a precision dialed forearm support offering 3 inches of vertical variation for pin point accuracy.

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