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Grip Extender Springfield XDS

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  • Grip Extender Springfield XDS
  • Grip Extender Springfield XDS
  • pachmayr
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Grip Extender Springfield XDS
by Pachmayr

Midsouth carries the Pachmayr Grip Extender Springfield XDS. The Grip Extender Springfield XDS will greatly increase your control and shooting comfort when added to popular compact and sub-compact handguns. The extensions perfectly match the shape and texture of the handgun, so they look like they are part of the pistol, rather than an add-on. Extenders are easy to install and are made of tough, high strength polymer that stands up to the roughest handling. In addition, the Extenders come in a pack of two for a price similar to others on the market that only contain one. Available models that improve comfort & control without increasing magazine capacity.

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