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8" Steel Target Range Pack

Birchwood Casey # 49063 |  Item # 012-49063
  • 8" Steel Target Range Pack
  • birchwood-casey
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8" Steel Target Range Pack
by Birchwood Casey

Midsouth carries the 8" Steel Target Range Pack from Birchwood Casey. This steel range kit includes your target, stand and gong holder; just add your own 2x4 wood post. The 2-IN-1 Gong Target Holder allows you to hang the 8 inch AR500 steel gong easily at the distance you want. The 2x4 Steel Target Stand is sturdy and holds the post in place perfectly down range.

  • Build your own steel range stand
  • Includes 2-IN-1 Steel Gong Target Holder
  • Includes 2x4 Steel Target Stand
  • Includes 8 Inch Single Hole AR500 Gong
  • Made in USA

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