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Foxtrot Shooting Rest

Birchwood Casey # CSR |  Item # 012-CSR
  • Foxtrot Shooting Rest
  • Foxtrot Shooting Rest
  • Foxtrot Shooting Rest
  • birchwood-casey
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Foxtrot Shooting Rest

Product Overview:

The Birchwood Casey Foxtrot Shooting Rest has removable sections that allow it to accommodate both rifles and hanguns. It provides ample room for adjustments. The Foxtrot Rest is about as versatile as a shooting rest can be. Both the center and rear sections can be detached to deliver the proper fit for whatever you're working with. It boasts rugged construction and features padded front and rear rests made from non-marring material to keep your firearms protected.


  • Rigid Frame
  • Non Slip Rubber Stock Rest
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Rugged Construction
  • Padded front and rear rest

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