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H&I Lube and Size Die .400 Diameter

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  • H&I Lube and Size Die .400 Diameter
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H&I Lube and Size Die .400 Diameter

Lyman improved sizing dies now have 90° hole spacing for easier bullet lubrication, even with today's hard lubricants. Lyman sizing dies also feature a tapered mouth and hardened interior insuring alignment for perfect cylindrical shape. Interior dimensions correspond to suggested diameters for all popular rifle and pistol calibers. Refer to the chart below for proper size. (These are interchangeable with RCBS) H&I Lube and Size Die .400 Diameter
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Product Overview

Midsouth now offers the Lyman H&I Lube and Size Die .400 Diameter. The Lube and Size Die is essential for casting accurate bullets. This die is constructed of hardened steel and has a tapered mouth that will guarantee the correct alignment. The die has lubrication holds spaced at 90 degrees to make even the hard type lubes easy to apply. The Lyman H&I Lube Dies are interchangeable with RCBS dies.

Specifications and Features:
  • High Grade Hardened Steel
  • Tapered Mouth
  • 90° Lube Holes
  • Interchangeable with RCBS

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