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66LA Receiver "Peep" Sight (Fits Marlin 336 & 1894)

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  • 66LA Receiver "Peep" Sight (Fits Marlin 336 & 1894)
  • 66LA Receiver "Peep" Sight (Fits Marlin 336 & 1894)
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66LA Receiver "Peep" Sight (Fits Marlin 336 & 1894)

The 66 sight is designed for mounting on flat receivers, such as lever action rifles, like the Winchester 94, Marlin 336 or modern shotguns, there's even a model for the SKS. Features include 1/4 minute audible click micrometer adjustments for elevation and windage, quick-release slide, coin-slotted "stayset" knobs and two interchangeable aperture discs (large hunting aperture and small target aperture) for any shooting condition Also fits model 1895. This sight will work on the mentioned Marlin models but they have to be drilled and tapped on the upper left side of the receiver.

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