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1200 Auto Flo Turbo Tumbler 110 Volt

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  • 1200 Auto Flo Turbo Tumbler 110 Volt
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1200 Auto Flo Turbo Tumbler 110 Volt

The patented Lyman Auto Flo system allows for the automatic separation of media from brass cases. When cases are clean, simply pull the Auto Flo drain plug and the media drains into the drain pan, leaving the bowl full of clean, polished cases. Lyman offers a full range of Auto Flo models from 1200 size up to the giant Super Mag. Media drain pan included with all models. Available in 110 V or 220V as noted.Holds 350 38spl cases, will take a 3 pound media charge with a 1 gallon capacity bowl. Bowl is 10 inches in diameter.

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