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3rd Edition Pistol & Revolver Handbook

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  • 3rd Edition Pistol & Revolver Handbook
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3rd Edition Pistol & Revolver Handbook

Lyman's Third Edition Pistol & Revolver Handbook features data covering virtually every major brand of bullets, primers and powder including the newest powders from Vihta Vouri and Ramshot. In addition to updated data for all popular handgun rounds, the hottest new chamberings like the .45GAP, .480 Ruger and the powerful .500 S&W are also covered. Much more than just a compilation of data charts, this latest edition also offers a selection of captivating feature articles by well-known authorities. The articles cover a broad range of interesting and timely subject like: Cowboy Action Shooting, Loading for Large Bore Revolvers and Handgun Varmint Hunting. The latest data combined with informative editorial make this new Lyman Handbook the next addition to any serious reloader's library.

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